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St. Thomas Aquinas School strives to provide a well-rounded, holistic education for its students. Core subjects include religion, reading, math, language arts, science and social studies.

The curriculum is formed according to federal, state and archdiocesan guidelines. It is adapted to the particular needs of the students in light of the goals of Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish.

In the primary grades, engaging lessons encourage foundational skills and focus on strong curriculum standards that support academic and personal growth. Direct instruction coupled with rich, hands-on experiences set young learners on an eager path of self-discovery in their thirst for the truths of our faith and our world.

The middle grades continue their pursuit of wisdom with direct instruction and a more cooperative learning-based approach. A greater focus on content enables the students to understand and integrate more complex knowledge.

A strong, broad and comprehensive academic base supports the search for truth that ultimately leads to knowledge and love of God, who is Truth itself. Core subjects are taught in a challenging and developmentally appropriate style. Art, music and gym are also offered.