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Saints in Progress

  • Grow daily in friendship with Jesus Christ through prayer, worship, and the Sacraments
  • Serve others and make moral decisions based on the Word of God
  • Celebrate and understand the liturgical seasons of the Catholic faith
  • Become a leader using faith-filled skills and gifts to bring peace


Transforming Ourselves as Responsible Citizens

  • Respect and value the life and dignity of all individuals and their differences
  • Take responsibility for actions
  • Actively participate in the life of my community
  • Respect the environment and be a good steward of God’s world

Articulate Communicator and Team Member

  • Listen with discernment and compassion to the ideas of others
  • Accept constructive feedback as a tool for improvement
  • Use both written and oral expression effectively and confidently
  • Use technology responsibly to enhance communication

Students for Life

  • Use problem solving and critical thinking to work independently and cooperatively to achieve a positive outcome
  • Are aware of current events and global issues
  • Utilize technology to increase both knowledge and productivity
  • Remain excited and motivated to learn something new each day