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St. Thomas Aquinas School focuses on meaningful learning experiences that go beyond surface learning to develop critical thinking and problem solving. Our Faculty strives to develop a growth mindset and support students to develop the determination to overcome hardships in learning to realize their capabilities. Our true mission as a school is grounded in Catholic identity. We help families raise children in our Faith. We work to help raise a generation that will serve others and hold a sense of purpose in improving the world through awareness and social justice.

St. Thomas Aquinas School is a Catholic elementary and middle school for Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Enrollment is approximately 425 students with two full-day Pre-Kindergarten classes,  two full-day Kindergarten classes and two classes each of grades 1 – 8. There is a maximum of 25 students per class in K – 8th and 15 students per class in Pre-K. The school day is from 8:00am to 3:00pm.

St. Thomas Aquinas School strives to provide a well-rounded, holistic education for its students. Core subjects include religion, reading, math, language arts, science, and social studies. Core subjects are taught in a challenging and developmentally appropriate style. Art, music, library, spanish and gym courses are also offered. Students learn the traditions and tenants of the Catholic Faith through daily instruction, prayer, services, and participation in the liturgical life of the parish. Daily recitation of the Rosary and Scripture sharing are part of the development of the spiritual nature and life of students. 

Please visit our homepage and click “Apply Today” to being the registration process. Or you may visit the Admissions tab for more information.